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Kids Yoga and Family Yoga

Zen Tree Yoga


Hello Mumma Yogis, Dadda Yogis and Mini Yogis. 

Welcome to our Zen Tree Yoga Tribe.

Zen Tree Yoga  will slow down for the second half of this year and will not be running classes or the yoga playgroup. We will start back up in 2020.

We look forward to seeing you on the yoga mat soon.

About Us

The story behind Zen Tree Yoga


My name is Tianne and I am a Kids and Family Yoga Instructor. I love working with kids and the whole family. There is something humbling  about sharing moments of crazy fun and mindfulness with kids and their parents/carers.

Zen Tree Yoga has been a dream of mine. I wanted to create something that would  empower kids and families to connect with each other through yoga, play and mindfulness.  ​As a new Mum I struggled to find activities to do with my son that encouraged him to move, play, create and imagine. I also wanted to find something we could do together.  And so this little family business was born. 

Zen Tree Yoga classes are designed to encourage parents and children to come together in a fun and playful way. The classes are not about the 'perfect' pose or 'behaving' (because asking a toddler to sit and do everything you ask is not always in their vocabulary). Zen Tree Yoga classes are about having fun! My mini yogi has taught me that simply 'being' in the moment and doing something together is precious.  What will your mini yogi teach you?

Come along and join the Zen Tree Yogi Tribe. My mini yogi and I can not wait to share the yoga mat with you.



Learning to 'be' in the present in the moment as a family and have fun with yoga. 



To make yoga accessible, fun and exciting for the whole family to enjoy together.

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